ITCC Member Spotlight – June

Welcome to the first in a series of ITCC member spotlights where member companies respond to a series of IT certification questions. Member companies were asked to respond to the following six questions focusing on their area of expertise: certification issuer or supplier. 

National Instruments, a certification issuer, responses were given in combination by Elwood Fischer, Global Customer Education and Certification Engineer, and Nate Letchford, Certification Engineer.

What is the primary objective of your certification program?

Promoting best practices and verifying excellence in the use of our hardware and software products

Who is your target audience?

Immediate target is individuals who work using our HW & SW. At a higher level, companies who use our products and need competent individuals to do the work. All NI customers.

What do you see as the biggest opportunity for the IT Certifications industry?

Elwood: Increasing prominence of search results which link credentials and relevant jobs. For example, searching a credential yields jobs that require that credential, and searching for a job yields information about which credentials are relevant. Also, increased use of PBT (performance-based testing) /PT for candidates to demonstrate their abilities.

What do you see as the biggest challenge facing the IT Certifications industry?

Clear understanding by the consumers of IT credentials, especially potential employers, of which credentials are appropriate for which jobs. Also, bandwidth & latency around remote exams. Exam security with remote delivery.

How does your IT certification program contribute to your company’s overall business?

Helps customers purchase and apply our hardware and software with confidence, and helps maintain the reputation of our HW & SW by reducing the occurrence of poorly implemented applications of our product. Customer advocacy, verification of engaged power users.

What has been the biggest benefit of your ITCC membership?

Networking with colleagues who are knowledgeable about the challenges and best practices of IT Certifications and credentials. Collaboration with other members, validation of strategies we’ve used, exploring potential new technologies/strategies/programs/policies and learning what works from the experience of others.

This will be a monthly blog post so please check back next month to learn more about another member company. 

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2019 Fall In-person Meeting

It’s official! Our next in-person member meeting will be hosted by National Instruments in September. Who’s excited?!

Every time we all get together in person, it’s a magical experience. Let’s review the personal journey we all go on:

  • Before the meeting – we are full of anticipation to see our colleagues and hear what they have been working on and how it can impact our own programs
  • During the meeting – we are charged with energy and exhilarated sharing ideas and learning from presentations provided by Amazon and Adobe as well as group brainstorming….Plus a beautiful view of the Texas Hill Country while networking with colleagues at z’Tejas
  • After the meeting – we are reflective on all that we have learned and ready to take action

The ITCC membership is comprised of global organizations that set the stage for what other companies will be implementing in the future. We are the certification market leaders and each of us wants to make sure that we have full comprehension and future strategic thinking of how to progress certifications to maximize the benefit to our participants, organizations, partners and self.

Let’s continue to further develop the future of IT certifications together. Your presence at the September meeting is officially being requested.

Date: September 16th -17th, 2019 Location: National Instruments in Austin, Texas

Please contact with any questions.