ITCC 2019 Spring In-Person Meeting Recap

A record number of ITCC member representatives joined together in Orlando, Florida for a full day of sharing, collaborating, and networking with colleagues during the Spring In-Person Member meeting. Each spring, members convene in one location to discuss the latest in IT certification best practices and industry trends. The meeting kicked off with attendees introducing themselves and sharing what they would like to gain from the meeting. Attendees were eager to share their expectations for the meeting and set a positive tone for the day. Key themes on our members’ minds are reflected in the word cloud above.

The morning was highlighted with the presentation of the 2019 ITCC Innovation Award winner followed by a lively brainstorming session. ISACA was honored as the 2019 Innovation Award winner for their innovative approach to journey mapping. Sheri Buergey, Senior Manager for Organizational Change, Learning and Development with ISACA, was on hand to accept the award and present the submission to the attendees. The brainstorming session provided the opportunity for members to split into four groups to discuss test delivery environments meetings the needs of the test audience; preventative measures being used against test fraud; challenges in moving from MCQ to performance based testing; and artificial intelligence impacts on exam development.

The afternoon featured an industry panel discussion followed by a founding member panel. The industry panel sparked lively conversation regarding industry trends, business impacts considering the growing emphasis on privacy, and innovative solutions for customers. The founding member panel consisted of representatives from four of the first ITCC members to discuss how the ITCC has evolved and ideas moving forward.

Looking to learn more about the details of the meeting? The presentation and meeting minutes are available for members online. Contact ITCC HQ for more information on becoming a member.

ISACA Wins the 2019 ITCC Innovation Award

Join us in congratulating ISACA for winning the 2019 Innovation Award! This annual award serves to recognize leadership initiatives that have positively impacted a company or the IT certification industry. ISACA’s innovative approach to journey mapping allowed for them to quickly solve problems, as well as turn future strategy into a narrative that the entire organization and partners could get behind. It has been such a powerful tool for them to ensure that they are quickly and deliberately focusing efforts and resources where customers will see the value. ISACA is an independent, nonprofit, global association that engages in the development, adoption and use of globally accepted, industry-leading knowledge and practices for information systems.

“It is with great pleasure that we recognize the wonderful and innovative improvements that ISACA made for their certification program and most importantly for their candidates. Taking a step back and evaluating our programs from various personas can certainly lead to greater candidate and organizational satisfaction. Congratulation to ISACA for choosing to do this, making the improvements and for being our 2019 Innovation Award recipient.” ~Kristin Gibson, ITCC Board Chair

The award was presented at the Spring Member Meeting in Orlando, Florida on March 17, 2019. For information on the ITCC Innovation Award and past award winners like SAP and IBM, please visit the Innovation Award page found on the ITCC website.

Sheri Buergey, Senior Manager for Organizational Change, Learning and Development with ISACA received the award during the ITCC spring member meeting in Orlando, Florida.

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What’s In a Badge?

A few years ago, digital badges (badges) started popping up and people weren’t really sure what to think of them. Today, thousands of organizations across the world issue badges, from non-profits to major employers and educational institutions at every level. But, what does a badge represent? The answer is that not all badges are created equally. Badges can be used to represent all types of accomplishments – obtaining a certification, completing a training curriculum, or attending a conference or webinar. So, how do you know what the individual did to earn the badge? It’s very simple: click the badge and see!

Read the full paper, written by the ITCC Badging task force, here.

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