November Member Meeting

The use of Emulation vs Simulation in Certification, an IT Professional’s viewpoint

Presenters: Frederick Mendler – CEO and co-founder, TrueAbility and Marcus Robertson – CTO and co-founder, TrueAbility

Thursday, November 15th 2018: 11:00am – 12:00pm CT

Abstract: There is no doubt about it — working professionals have substantial incentive to earn certifications––Increased compensation, enhanced clout and superior job opportunities to name a few. Companies recognize the benefit in offering certifications, from confirming a set of skills to enhanced marketability.

As more jobs move to utilize software and technology, there exists a need for scalable assessment of digital skills. Innately, certification leaders seek out high fidelity methods for measuring skill and ability. Can we marry the two? Does a scalable high-fidelity assessment method exist?

The answer is “yes.” With a front row seat to a renaissance of assessment bolstered by advancements in technology, two clear options for high-fidelity and scalable certification have emerged: Simulation and Emulation.   

In this session, we will hear one IT practitioner’s perspective of the differences in the two types of performance-based assessment methods and how they can be applied for IT certifications.

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