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Share Your IT Certification Story in a Video by June 30

Are you interested in winning a brand new tablet device? We’re rounding up submissions for the TechCertRegistry Video Contest, and we want to hear from you!

All you have to do is record a short, 30-second video on your mobile device describing the value of being a TechCertRegistry profile holder, and how holding an IT certification(s) has helped in your professional development. Submit your video and get the most “likes” and you will win a new tablet device!
View Rick Joslin’s video as an example below:
Rick Joslin: TCR Contest

Video Checklist
Email your 30-second video testimonial along with this video release waiver
by Monday, June 30 at 5:00 p.m. CST.
Acceptable formats: MOV, MPEG4, AVI, WMV, MPEGPS, FLV, 3GPP, WebM

Vote for Your Favorite Video Testimonial
All submissions will be uploaded to a YouTube playlist. There, you can view and vote by clicking the “like” or “dislike” button.
The video with the most “likes” will win a new tablet!

Attend Caveon’s Webinar on Protecting Intellectual Property Through Social Media

Leveraging Social Media to Protect Your Intellectual Property
Wednesday, May 21, 12:00 Noon EDT

social media

There’s still time to register for the webinar tomorrow!

The use of social media is a hot topic for every testing program and it brings big test security concerns. This month’s webinar will address the use of social media as a mechanism for sharing test content and give you some skills for protecting your test content online. Caveon’s Dr. Jamie Mulkey, Vice President of Client Services and Jen Baldwin, Senior Web Patroller will present an expanded version of the popular ignite session presented at this year’s ATP Innovations in Testing Conference.

This session will:

  • Address problematic trends regarding infringing content available online.
  • Explain the structure and business models of brain dump and social media sites and the actions to take to mitigate their effectiveness with would-be test cheats.
  • Detail how to spot advertisements for the sale of test content on some of the newer, less obvious social media channels.
  • Help attendees learn how to make sense of it all and realize that even a small breach of Intellectual property can quickly spiral out of control and become a major compromise to a testing program.

Space is limited and the session is filling up fast. Register now!

Certification Spotlight: Victor Armbrust

Victor Armbrust works as an Infrastructure Solution Architect for 2Worx Technology and has been in the IT industry since 1998.


Why did you first pursue a professional certification?
IT companies are always looking for specialized professionals. Getting specialized for a specific product (or products) is really important to make a difference among others. My first certification was related to Oracle Database, which I´ve worked for the last 5 or 6 yeas, so I decided to study and take my credential.

For many years, I thought getting certified was not an important thing; today I know I was wrong.

Are you considering getting any additional credentials?
Yes. Specially for Oracle Database 12c and Systems (Exadata and Exalogic). I´m also studying for Solaris 11 Certified Professional.

What advice do you have for someone pursuing an IT certification?
My main advice is: “Don´t look for excuses! Time goes by too fast. Opportunities are always available to anyone, but being prepared depends only on your wish to be a great specialist.” Most people don’t have time to study on a daily basis, so you should manage your agenda and find some time to study (depends only on yourself.)

How has being a certification holder helped you make strides in your career?
It has helped me a lot for the last few years, especially when I had a job opportunity. I have worked with IT consulting companies since 2004, so I have some experience with database consulting. Experience is (in fact) the most important thing in your career, but companies are always looking for new contracts or customers, and it is very important to have certificated professionals in their portfolio. At the same time salary negotiation can be more easily discussed.

Can you describe a valuable professional experience that may not have been possible without certification?
Basically all activities for a Database Specialist need a higher level of technical skills, including Operating Systems, Network and Storage knowledge. Certification helped me a lot during all these years as I need to study a lot of material to do a great job, especially in database migrations and backup/recover implementation.

How has the field changed over the years?
I’ve been working in the IT industry since 1998 and I can tell you it has changed a lot. As technology grows, we need to adapt ourselves to it. Back in 1998 I started my career as a Novell Network administrator, and at that time there were not too many certified professionals. In today’s time, companies are looking for a complete professional with great skills not only at the technical side but also at business and internal process side, that´s ITIL. What I’ve learned as a DBA is: To keep doing a great job, it is necessary to study a lot and maintain your technical skills and your certifications updated so you´ll be prepared for any further challenges.

Learn About Privacy and Exam Security at Next Week’s ITCC Member Meeting

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Attend the May ITCC Member Meeting call on Thursday, May 15 at 11:00 a.m. Central to hear Kerri Davis from Microsoft give a presentation on Privacy and Exam Security.

Privacy is a hot topic these days, and a company’s obligation to keep customer information safe cannot be underestimated. But what does this mean in terms of exam security? How do security practices such as authentication, biometrics, exam data, and customer profiling affect privacy concerns? What does a certification provider or exam deliverer need to do to keep a balance between keeping testing secure and honoring a customers’ right to privacy?

Find answers to these questions next week, during the ITCC Member Meeting!

Kerri Davis is the Anti-Piracy Program Manager and Privacy Manager for Microsoft’s Learning Experiences. She is a Certified Privacy Manager (CIPM) and handles privacy matters, exam security, and IP protection for the training and certification arm of Microsoft.