ITCC Seeks Nominees for Innovation Award by January 26, 2015


The Information Technology Certification Council (ITCC), a collective of IT industry leaders focused on promoting and growing professional IT certifications, is now accepting nominations for its first annual Innovation Award. The award will celebrate a true innovator in the industry responsible for creating a testing product, service or initiative that positively impacted a customer, test candidate experience, or company. Nominations will be open through January 26, 2015, and the award presentation will take place at an ITCC event gathering in conjunction with the ATP Innovations in Testing Conference in Palm Springs, California in March.

In order to qualify for a nomination, there are several criteria to meet. Participating companies and individuals must be a part of the IT certification industry and can include ITCC members. Implementation of an innovative test, process or service must have occurred within the past two years. The product, service or initiative must demonstrate a benefit to users and address a market need within the IT certification and testing industry. An example could be adding value to an IT certification or improving convenience or market access to a certification program. There is no fee associated with submission.

Participants must write a brief abstract of 500 words or less responding to any of the following questions, and a follow-up interview will take place if selected:

  • How did the product/service meet an unmet need or improve upon an existing process?
  • How is the product/service a unique offering?
  • What new value was created for the end user?
  • How will it go beyond marginal improvement and create a wide impact across the industry?
  • How has the product/service created a “me-too” response from competitors?
  • What quantifiable evidence or market data is available to support the success of the initiative?

The written response and contact information should be emailed to

The judging panel will be comprised of select members from the ITCC Board of Directors.

The winner receives a featured story in the ITCC quarterly e-newsletter, TechCertNews, and a recognition ad in industry press outlets; a presentation opportunity at an ITCC Member Meeting webinar; and a video capturing the ‘story’ around the winning product or service streamed through the ITCC website and social media outlets. For more information, contact

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